Hey kids! Howya doing? Another season of showbiz is upon us, and I’m still going! The only thing that goes out more than me, is my lower back! You can catch me on Countess LuAnn’s (from Real Housewives of New York) tour. When I’m in NYC, I’ll be shticking at Birdland Sunday nights, Bartchland Follies at The McKittrick Hotel on Friday, and MIC DROP Thursdays at Mckittrick! I’m performing my one-man comedy show at Joe’s Pub Nov. 6 and my holiday show will be announced soon. Check the LIVE page for dates! And kids, the young people talked me into getting on CAMEO, so now you can share me with your friends and family! Ok, that’s it for now. Keep your chin(s) up!  xoMurray P.S. This is awesome pix is by the one-and-only Bettina May

See this guy in person.....although he's much taller online!





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